How to dress for winter

Outdoor activities are great fun, but it is extremely important to dress properly so that you are safe and can enjoy your time outdoors. 


 A rule of thumb is:  NEVER WEAR COTTON!





CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO ON HOW TO LAYER PROPERLY [button link=””]Layering 101[/button]  




Bring Kids outdoors is a whole other ball game.  

  • Kids tend not to move as much, so lots of bulky or cotton layers is not helpful.  
  • It is very important to layer them very similarly to adults, but to remember they will not move as much as adults
  • They may need some extra things like hand/feet warmers and intentional movement of all limbs, dancing comes in handy to get kids moving!




Another Video about Proper Layering [button link=”” size=”large” style=”info” color=”green”]Watch Video [/button]



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