Elements Guiding has facilitated me on two adventures of the past few months. In February they took a small group of friends and I ice climbing, and in April I went out with the same instructor, Lorne, to have a one on one gym to crag climbing course. My experience with this company has been the best. They are knowledgeable, organized, accommodating, and when it comes down to the dollar signs, they are the best price around. This year was my first time ice climbing ever and it was a stellar experience; Elements Guiding even arranged for our accommodations as we were not from the area. I have experience rock climbing in the gym but not outside. During my second activity with Elements Guiding the instructor, Lorne and I discussed the goals of what I would like to learn about climbing and he created a learning plan for my needs. Throughout our day of training I learned everything and then some, and now I am confident climbing outside. I would highly recommend Elements Guiding to anyone, new or experienced, looking for an adventure.


Mike Park      

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