As the cold days begin in the Haliburton Highlands, lakes and streams begin to freeze and the season of climbing ice quickly approaches.  Ice climbing offers a unique opportunity to try something like no other.  Climbing experience is not required to participate in this exciting sport, simply the willingness to embrace the cold and battle the Elements.

Participants will be geared up with all the necessary equipment and begin a modest hike into the climbing location.  Upon your arrival, we will have a safety briefing teaching you the things to know before testing your metal.  A short lesson will teach you the techniques required to swing the ice tools and kick your crampons allowing you to ascend the frozen landscape.

The day will be filled with opportunity to learn and apply your new skills on multiple ice climbs of varying difficulty, there will be climbs suitable for beginners and experts alike.


“ If you can climb a ladder, I can get you up something ”

Ice Experience

No problem!  This is an exhilarating experience suitable for those looking to tick something new off the bucket list.  Your first taste of ice climbing will have you back for more!

  • Belaying is not mandatory; your guide will handle the safety stuff while you get the swing of things!
  • All technical equipment is provided for this experience (helmet, harness, ice boots and technical gear)
  •     Minimum 12 years old accompanied by an adult. Our smallest boot size available is US mens 5
  • Open to Book; Sundays & Tues -Friday
  • Half Day - 3 hours, plan to be there 20 Minutes before your adventure to gear up
  • Two time slots available, AM 9-12 or PM 1-4
  • 1:4 guiding ratio
  • 2 - 4 participants; $150pp (minimum 2 participants)
  • Please inquire if your group is larger than 4 so we can arrange additional instructors

Introductory Ice

A full day jam packed with the basics of learning the exciting sport of ice climbing!  Designed with the beginner in mind, we focus on safety and fun, getting to the top is a bonus!

  • This session that will teach the foundational skills of ice climbing.
  • All equipment is provided for this experience (Helmet, harness, ice boots and technical gear)
  • Belaying is mandatory for this class
  • Open to book; Saturdays & Tuesday-Friday
  • Full Day - 6 Hours
  • Timing is 10-4pm, plan to arrive 30 minutes before your adventure
  • 1:6 guiding ratio, participants will work in pairs/trios
  • 2-6 participants; $200 per person (minimum 2 participants)
  • Please inquire for larger group numbers


Once you have got the swing of things, it's time to take it to the steeps.  We will explore new climbing locations with much more challenging terrain.  We will be focusing on new skills and improving your technique to step up your game.

  • Private day out with your guide at fantastic climbing locations
  • Personal gear (harness and helmet required)
  • Technical gear is provided (boots, crampons, axes & belay device)
  • Belaying is mandatory and climbers should be confident in their technique
  • Previous experience is required, introductory ice or equivalent
  • Open to book; Tuesday-Friday
  • Full Day - 8 Hours
  • Timing is 9-5pm, *may require additional travel and surcharges would apply
  • 1:2 guiding ratio; 1-$350, 2-$450